Finger Traps

If you’re unfamiliar, Fingers Traps are woven bamboo tubes. You stick your index fingers into each end, and when you try to pull your fingers out, the tube contracts, trapping your fingers. When you push your fingers in, the tube expands and relaxes. Finger Traps have been adapted to use within therapy sessions, reducing anxiety, frustration, anger while increasing calmness, sense of fairness and relaxation.

  • Category: Sensory Aids


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Finger traps are a fun and brief way to introduce the idea that struggling with uncomfortable emotions may not be working. Most people get the idea pretty quickly even if they’re not aware of how pervasive the problem may be for them. It also helps orient clients to the idea that ACT may be a little different—that they’ll be noticing and doing rather than simply talking about what’s going on.

The icing on the cake: the client can take something home with them as a reminder of what you discussed. This little woven bamboo tube may serve as a cue to look more closely at their experience.

Package Included:

  • 4 to a pack - varied colours provided in pack


Price does not include postage.  Postage within Australia $3.00 each pack of 4