About Bayside Counselling & Family Therapy

There are dozens of options for counselling services throughout Australia, and finding the right therapist for your needs is often the key to success. Indeed, research suggests that the fit between the counsellor and client is the most significant predictor of Therapy’s success more important even than the therapists’ training, experience, or approach to treatment. You might be surprised, though, to learn that counselling isn’t just for people struggling with mental illness or major life transitions. Indeed, a therapist can help you navigate a host of issues, bringing clarity and progress to challenges.

That's where Bayside Counselling & Family Therapy can help. Bayside Counselling & Family Therapy has experience with understanding your needs and finding ways to minimize or assist in changing what is happening for you.  Bayside Counselling's goal is: to help children, adolescents, adults, and families feel strong, healthy, and peaceful from the inside-out. 

Bayside Counselling & Family Therapy's Unique Approach:

Bayside Counselling & Family Therapy combines traditional therapeutic services with comprehensive mind/body therapies. Grounded in the most current research and evidenced-based-practices, Bayside Counselling & Family Therapy has created programs to address the specific needs of those who are looking for support and understanding.  

Our Services:

Bayside Counselling & Family Therapy prides itself in being a one-stop-shop for your entire family’s wellness needs. Bayside Counselling & Family Therapy is here to help you strengthen your mind and body. 

Bayside Counselling & Family Therapy is recognised and registered with:
NDIS, Medicare, Department Veteran Affairs.
I also provide services for clients who wish to engage without the referral process.

Please Contact Paula for more information on telehealth platforms.

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About Bayside Counselling & Family Therapy