Executive Functioning Support

Does he/she...

  • Find it hard to figure out how to get started on a task?
  • Have the ability to focus on small details or the overall picture, but not both at the same time?
  • Have trouble determining how much time a task requires?
  • Do things either quickly and messily or slowly and incompletely?
  • Find it hard to incorporate feedback into work or an activity?
  • Stick with a plan, even when it’s clear that the plan isn’t working?
  • Have trouble paying attention and become easily distracted?
  • Need to be told the directions many times?
  • Have a tough time switching gears from one activity to another?
  • Struggle with thinking about or doing more than one thing at a time?

Email or call 0401 300 266 for a complimentary phone consultation to determine whether or not executive functioning services are right for your child!

What is Executive Functioning?

Defined as the management of cognitive processes, executive functions are learned skills. With regular practice, these skills develop over time. If you think your child might be behind the curve in terms of executive functioning development, it’s important to talk with Paula about ways to support your child. Since the brain continues to develop into adulthood (around the age of 25 years), Executive Functioning support at an early stage (10-18 years old) is often highly successful.

What is Executive Functioning Support? 

Executive functioning sessions are offered at Bayside Counselling & Family Therapy in a private, comfortable office space where Paula and the family can create individualized educational strategies that meet the unique needs of each student.

Understanding that defining success looks different for everyone, we work one-on-one with students to set measurable academic goals and define guidelines to track progress. 

Parents often ask if homework gets done during sessions. The answer is… Of course! Within the existing framework of students’ academic workload, we help clients assess, organize and prioritize assignments so that schoolwork becomes more manageable and even — gasp! — enjoyable. No more nightly homework battles!