Telehealth Services
Bayside Counselling & Family Therapy recognises the need to access services while keeping in mind Social Distancing is a topic on everyone's mind. 

In the past, Face-to-Face therapy has been considered the only way to access therapy.  However, telehealth services are now offering the best of both worlds as, online access can increase flexibility and ease of accessing regular services. 

Telehealth offers ease of therapy without the obstacles often faced in our day-to-day demands such as, time, traffic, child care, work schedules etc. Instead, the option of telehealth counselling services can assist in reducing the stress of our daily demands, while, allowing us time to make allowances for ourselves and our mental health needs.

Research indicates, 'virtual therapy' plays a big part in making the option to seek therapy more appropriate as online services allow us to maintain the importance of facial cues, sitting in your own environment, not stressing over time restraints and other issues that have made face-to-face impossible in the past.  

Standard of care is important to Bayside Counselling & Family Therapy, so I will continue to ensure the highest of services are provided and you can be assured   confidentiality, respect and flexibility continues to be at the basis of all sessions.   

Welcome to the new age of Telehealth Services