Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk + Talk Therapy is just as it sounds— the client and the therapist are outside walking during therapy instead of sitting inside an office. Research has consistently shown that exercise can significantly decrease anxiety and depression while improving overall mood.  Walk + Talk Therapy encourages clients to be more physically active in order to promote both mental and physical health.  It spurs creative, deeper ways of thinking and helps clients to get “unstuck” while confronting difficult issues. Walk + Talk Therapy also allows clients to feel like they are moving forward and ahead of their issues and encourages them to tackle their challenges with more power and efficiency. At Bayside Counselling & Family Therapy, we have found that incorporating walking into psychotherapy sessions enriches the counselling experience. 

Who could benefit from Walk + Talk Therapy?

Individuals who...

  • Would like to create a significant change in their lifestyle by incorporating physical movement, talk therapy, healthy habits, and positivity
  • Are looking for an alternative to the in-office, face-to-face, therapeutic approach
  • Would like to break through unhealthy habits and incorporate more activity into their lifestyles through a safe and supported approach
  • Would benefit from the meditative and energizing effects of walking in nature and fresh air

Benefits of Walk + Talk Therapy:

  • Increases energy and allows clients to feel less inhibited and more in touch with their feelings
  • Promotes clearer thought processes and open-minded brainstorming abilities
  • Increases confidence and feelings of empowerment and mastery
  • Increases physical and cardiovascular health
  • Decreases depression and anxiety symptoms
  • Reinforces the use of walking as a healthy coping mechanism
  • Jump-starts walking as fitness routine and as a way to maintain an active lifestyle