Paula Johnstone
Director/ Therapist

I am passionate about empowering individuals to fulfil their highest potential. I offer traditional individual talk therapy and mind/body therapies.

Hi my name is Paula and I am an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW). I graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor's degree in Social Work.    

My background includes working with children and adolescents in a variety of settings, including schools, hospital outreach and behaviour centres , where I have worked extensively with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, self-injury, anger, transitioning to high school and other life requirement, and issues with friendships and other interpersonal relationships. 

I also work from a Play Therapy modality with children aged 2 - 12 years.  Play Therapy is an effective form of psychotherapy/counselling for a wide range of childhood emotional, behavioural, social and psychological difficulties.

Other areas of expertise with adults and families include: parenting issues, anxiety, depression, anger, motivation, self-esteem, separation / divorce and general well-being.

I have also completed a Diploma in Mindfulness working with adults and children to promote awareness, by living in the present moment and acknowledging what we can see, hear, touch and taste. This then leads us to understand what is happening inside, reflecting on our thoughts and feelings without judgement.   

Mindfulness is a great way to help us be healthier, less affected by stress, more relaxed, more creative, more open to learning, sleep better, improve our relationships with others and feel happier and more satisfied with our lives.

Plus I have spent a great number of years working with both children and adults to manage and understand their personal trauma experiences.  I have completed extensive training in the area of Neurobiology of Trauma, understanding the effects on our mind, body and inner-self that trauma can play.  It is with the assistance of talking therapy, mindfulness and psychodynamic therapy that together we can explore your journey and find a new narrative to make today the start of your new life.